InterBiz Consulting Group (thru PNJ Realty) offers a wide range of services from consultation on property investment, marketing of properties, office scouting, and assistance in negotiation and documentation.

InterBiz works closely with clients in order to accurately determine what their needs are, identify and evaluate available options, and effectively manage negotiations. We recognize that every client has distinct strategic and operational goals, which is why all the services it provides are customized according to the client’s requirements.

InterBiz makes sure to provide a professional representation in going through the tedious process of negotiation, transaction execution, and documentation. We guide our clients on Philippine policies and legislation to help minimize risk and costs.

Our team deals with local and international businesses who wish to expand their operations to the Philippines, as well as small to medium-sized companies who are seeking cost-efficient solutions for Real Estate Investment Philippines

Our company maintains a listing of residential/commercial properties to ensure that every option in terms of location and housing/business operation is covered.

With its strong contacts and networks with major property developers and owners, InterBiz has access to a full range of residential/commercial properties that cater to different preferences and locations.

We work with all sorts of clients such as:

  • Buyers and sellers of commercial / industrial / residential properties
  • Business owners expanding their operations to the Philippines
  • Small and medium enterprises in need of office space
  • Foreign workers looking for condos, houses/apartments near their place of work
  • Foreign clients looking for a real estate investment in the Philippines
  • Unit owners looking to lease out their properties (ie. houses, fully furnished condos)
  • Existing companies seeking for new office space
  • Property owners and developers that need assistance in marketing their properties
  • Real Estate Investment Philippines