PEZA & BOI Accreditation

Both foreign and local companies in the Philippines can enjoy government incentives. We can help facilitate your registration with Philippine Economic Zone (PEZA) or the Board of Investments (BOI). We will help determine your qualifications, prepare all the required documents and process your application.

Non-Fiscal Incentives

Non-Fiscal Incentive

Frequently Asked Questions

: PEZA accreditation is a recognition granted by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority to businesses operating within economic zones in the country. The benefits of PEZA accreditation include tax incentives, simplified customs procedures, and other privileges aimed at attracting investments and promoting export-oriented industries. It provides businesses with a competitive advantage, access to infrastructure, and a supportive business environment.

BOI accreditation is a designation given by the Board of Investments to qualified businesses in the Philippines. BOI accreditation offers various incentives and benefits, including income tax holidays, tax deductions, exemptions from certain taxes and duties, and simplified import and export procedures. It aims to encourage investment in priority sectors and industries, foster economic growth, and promote job creation in the country.

The specific requirements for PEZA accreditation may vary depending on the type of business and the economic zone location. However, common requirements often include:

  • Accomplished application form for PEZA accreditation.
  • Business plan and feasibility study.
  • Proof of legal entity and registration documents.
  • Audited financial statements.
  • Environmental compliance certificates.
  • Lease agreement or proof of ownership of the proposed business site.
  • Proof of capitalization or investment.

To obtain BOI accreditation, a business typically needs to go through the following steps:

  • Prepare the necessary documents, including accomplished application forms and supporting requirements.
  • Submit the application to the Board of Investments along with the required documents.
  • Pay the necessary fees for processing the accreditation application.
  • Undergo evaluation and review by the BOI.
  • Upon approval, receive the BOI Certificate of Registration and avail of the incentives and benefits granted to BOI-accredited businesses.


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