Payroll Outsourcing

We offer payroll outsourcing service that provides big and small businesses with a cost-effective solution that minimizes administrative burden. We help organizations simplify payroll and benefits management, while providing confidence that their payroll is going to be completed accurately and quickly, minimizing costs and eliminating any delays in paying employees.


  • I. Payroll Computation (including timekeeping summary for each employee)
  • II. Preparation of payroll register showing individual salaries due to each employee with the corresponding payroll taxes withheld and deductions for SSS, PhilHealth and HDMF for each period
  • III. Preparation of remittances to government agencies, as follows:
    • Social Security System
    • PhilHealth Insurance
    • Home Development Mutual Fund (PAG-IBIG Fund)
    • Bureau of Internal Revenue
  • IV. Filing – Filing and payment of monthly remittance to banks and government agencies

Documentary Requirements for payroll:

  • Employee details including employment status, benefit entitlement and salary details
  • Employee Masterlist
  • Form 2316 of previous employer
PAYROLL Due Date Task
5 days before payout Sending of payroll information (timesheets salary adjustments, etc.)
3 – 4 days before payout Computation of payroll
2 days before payout Sending of payroll register and payslips