Business Consultancy and Staffing Needs

US Business Service: InterBiz Consulting Group provides Temporary/ Contract Placement Services exclusively for your US based business. Click HERE for more information!

Overseas Business Service – Asia: InterBiz Consulting Group is also a business consultancy firm that helps you start (and continue) your business/investment in Asia from all over the world. We specialize in providing services in Business Registration of local and foreign owned companies, Government Permits, PEZA or BOI Accreditation, Visa & Immigration Assistance, Payroll Outsourcing, Bookkeeping, Recruitment and Real Estate.

We take pride in committing ourselves in providing you the utmost professional, fast and reliable service. With the multitude services we offer, we are able to provide our clients the liberty to focus in their core business. We make sure to give quick responses and solutions to our clients’ challenges.



Benefits of Temporary / Contract Placement

Find the long term fit

  • Allows you to test the abilities of the new workers before signing them on full time.
  • Weed out the less productive workers.


  • Pay for hours worked instead of a salary for full-time employment.
  • We become their employer.
  • WE will be responsible for and bear:
    • Financial burden of recruiting, screening, testing, and hiring.
    • Payroll Expenses & Paperwork: -Taxes, unemployment, workers comp, benefits.